Puros Santa will attend the InterTabac fair in Dortmund 2019


World’s Largest Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories.

This year PUROS SANTA CLARA will attend the INTER TABAC trade show that it will be held from September 20-22nd in Dortmund, Germany.

We cordially invite you to visit us at our Booth number: Hall 7 7.B34

We will have novelties and all range of our products.

Looking forward to meet you there.

IPCPR 2019 Puros Santa Clara Booth 3821


The IPCR 2019 is to the largest event dedicated to the premium cigar and pipe tobacco industry!

Is proud to be exihibiting al the IPCPR, June 29 – July 2, 2019, at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. USA, and we want to see you there!

Visit us at booth 3821

We will have our new releases of Premium Cigars and humidors. Look forward to see you there.




We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas this summer!

PUROS SANTA CLARA redesign its iconic brand, SANTA CLARA 1830

Santa Clara 1830” was born in the Valley of San Andres, known by many cigar manufacturers for its excellent tobacco. Santa Clara 1830 was launched in the year 1968 by its founder Jorge Ortiz (owner of Puros Santa Clara).

“Santa Clara 1830” represents “Family Tradition”. Jorge Ortiz come from two different families who have been related to the tobacco business. His mother´s family came from the formerly wealthy Carrion tobacco dynasty. Octaviano Carrion was planting tobacco for Holland, Switzerland and Germany, and he was the biggest tobacco planter in the beginning of the XX century. On the other side the family of his father was planting tobacco in a very small scale and some of them manufacturing cigars too.

Santa Clara 1830 brand, made its debut 50 years ago, since then offering quality and integrity, it has been the recipient of recognition and awards, like “Best brand” in 2005.

Now we are very proud to announce modernized design of Santa Clara 1830 brand, more attractive, confident and modern look!.

THE BLEND HAVE NOT CHANGE:                                           

1. FILLER:            A blend of San Andres filler.            

2. BINDER:          San Andres morron limpio.                        

3. WRAPPER:     Capa Fina Rosada San Andres.                  

New Release of Santa Clara 1830 Medio Siglo-Triple Maduro

Jorge Ortiz Alvarez of Puros Santa Clara, SA de CV, is descended from the nineteenth century tobacco mogul Octaviano Carrion Sinta II. His mother´s family came from the formerly wealthy Carrion tobacco dynasty, while his father, Fortino Ortiz Villegas, was from a poor but passionate tobacco family.

Ortiz, the sixth-generation son of tobacco growers, was destined to be a grower, not a cigarmaker, Jorge worked under his father.

In 1968, taking fate into his own hands Ortiz decided to opened his own cigar factory, Puros Santa Clara, the factory was named in honor of his father’s birthday, which was also on Santa Clara Day! In the beginning, his father was very disappointed with him, but as the years passed his father became very proud of his future heir.

Jorge`s first brand became successful Ejecutivos, with further brand launches becoming popular on the international market forum, Americas, Europe and Asia.

To commemorate Jorge`s 50th Anniversary, Jorge has selected special maduro tobacco leaves, from his family plantation, and the excellent harvests he has had over the past decade. The selection of these vintage tobacco long filler Maduro leaves, have been aged for over 7 years, hand rolled to create the Triple Maduro 50th Anniversary cigar.

One of four Anniversary blends.

Santa Clara 1830 Medio Siglo-Triple Maduro.

Triple Maduro 50th ANNIVERSARY blend, limited edition.

Filler blend consisting Medio tiempo Criollo San Andres, ligero Criollo San Andres, Viso Havano from Nicaragua and morron obscuro Criollo San Andres binder. The bunch is rolled with the finest Maduro wrapper, Criollo San Andres.


FOR 1,000
PSCRB-10-MS-TM55013.000Triple MaduroRobusto 5×50Boxes 10 Cigars
PSCTO-10-MS-TM65015.200 Triple Maduro Toro 6×50Boxes 10 Cigars


  1. FILLER: Medio tiempo criollo San Andres, Ligero Criollo San Andres and Viso Habano Nicaragua.
  2. BINDER: Morron oscuro criollo San Andres.
  3. WRAPPER: Criollo San Andres.
  4. PACKED: In piano finish box.

Available in Bratislava warehouse, ready to dispatch at our distributors in Europe.

Recent blind tasting of Cigar Journal, on this occasion participated our brands: Capa Flor & La Casta

Reference: 2/2018 /// summer edition
The magazine Cigar Journal, in its summer edition shows two of our vitolas La Casta Corona Grande and Capa Flor Toro with a rating of 87 and 89 making them eligible to appear in this specialized magazine in the world of tobacco. This result is the product of a blind tasting where tasters with extensive experience and demanding palate tasted the aroma, flavor and strength that our cigars offer since 1968.

After 5 generations, we know something about cigars.

Capa Flor

La Casta

Launch Santa Clara 1830 50th Anniversary Triple Maduro

We are proud to present our Limited Edition “Santa Clara 50 Anniversary Triple Maduro” which is the result of years of effort, dedication, delivery but above all love for tobacco.

For 50 years that our cigar factory was founded, today it remains one of the leading companies in this field in Mexico. Thanks to all of you our clients that have allowed our growth, today we are launching this Limited Edition, which aims to thank you for your unconditional support. With pride from hand to hand.

Santa Clara 1830 50th Anniversary Triple Maduro

Cigar Trophy

2001 received the Trophy “Les Trophees du Cigare” in France, category: “Cigare de l’ Annee Autres Terroirs”, Recognize our brand Santa Clara 1830 “Belicoso”.

2004 received “Les Trophees du Cigare” in France, Category: The Cigar of the year, recognized our Cigar Santa Clara 1830 “Azteca” (7×50).

2005 we received “The cigar Trophy” recognizing Santa Clara 1830 as the best brand, in the RTDA trade show in USA.

Cigar Roller

Capa Flor A Secret Revealed

The Capa Flor cigar takes the Mexican tobacco reputation and places it appropriately center stage to craft this great cigar. This time it is Nicaragua and Ecuador that are drawn upon to serve as supporting leaves to help best express the flavors and nuances of this Mexican Cigar.

Layers of complexity, balanced flavor, and strength, establish the Capa Flor as a cigar that can surely hold its own against blends from the dominant cigar nations.

San Andres Valley

The Valley of San Andres Tuxtla is considered the cradle of the best tobacco in the world. The finest cigars have been made with the best crops of this very special soil.

The constant evolution of the high quality products and the everyday most refined palate of consumers, has led to discover that the blend of different raw materials of high quality, create products of superior quality.

Through Santa Clara Special Edition, we have accomplished a exceptionally blend. We use Tlapacoya selection, ligero with Supreme binder Creole of San Andres and the incomparable smoothness and color of the Habano wrapper from Ecuador.

This is a special creation which most be preserved adequately and enjoyed peacefully. Such a product, made with so much patience, dedication and care deserves a warranty. Puros Santa Clara, SA de CV guarantees that this product is of superior quality. We are certain of the quality; therefore we guarantee each and every one of our cigars Santa Clara Special Edition.

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